6 Types of Dental Specialists

Jan 22

6 Types of Dental Specialists

When the term dentistry is mentioned, people recall their local dental clinic where they usually go to have their teeth checked and cleaned.

The dental profession is much bigger and their perspective. A general dentist is your primary dental care provider for the majority of basic dental needs, whereas some other dental health issues like an accident, heredity or anything that would require specific dental treatments may need you to visit a dental specialist.

Dental specialists are dentists that have specialized and acquired additional training after going through dental school.

Here are some types of dental specialists:

1. Orthodontist (Alignment specialist)
Orthodontics is the correction of jaws and teeth that are out of position. Visit an orthodontist if you have a jaw which isn’t aligned properly leading to crossbite, overbite or underbite. He also corrects misaligned or crooked teeth by use of clear aligners, braces, palatal expanders or headgear during your treatment.

2. Endodontist (Root canal specialist)
Canals (tiny cavern-like passages inside our teeth) contains pulp (sensitive living tissue), nerves and blood vessels. Diagnosing and treating problems within our tooth is performed by Endodontists, like fixing an infected tooth pulp with a root canal.

3. Pediatric dentist (Kid dental specialist)
Overall child’s oral health is performed by pediatric dentists. They specialize in oral development and care of children from infancy stages through their teens’ stages by helping your child have a healthy smile and stay on track to a lifelong.

4. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon (oral surgery specialist)
Oral surgery specialists specialize in treating problems related to soft and hard tissues of mouth, jaw and face. They treat issues that need complex procedures or sedation deep levels: perform procedures like cleft lip or palate surgery, corrective jaw surgery and tooth extractions.

5. Prosthodontist (Replacement specialist)different types of dental specialists
Damaged or lost teeth restoration and replacement are performed by prosthodontists. They specialize in crowns, porcelain veneers, dental implants, dentures, fixed bridges and reconstructive dentistry.

6. Periodontist (gum specialist)
Periodontists focus on the diagnosis, prevention and treating diseases that gums and supportive structures of the teeth. They recognize and treat gum disease early stages, perform surgeries to resolve severe gum disease and restoration of smile appearance.

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