What Are The Root Causes Of Tooth Pain Under Crown?

Feb 02

What Are The Root Causes Of Tooth Pain Under Crown?

Restoring teeth is quite a process that may take weeks or months to recover. Notably, patients suffering from a set of teeth missing, it can take a few visits to the doctor or surgeon. Moreover, symptoms of pain and swelling can also be bothersome. You might be experiencing tooth pain under crown next to a recently placed dental implant. One article, according to www.ddssdentistsydneycbd.com.au/dental-implant-pain/ shows that dental implant pain has different reasons. With this dental problem, you should get emergency treatment right away. You can find more information about the procedure of dental implants with your local dentist. Don’t forget to ask more about what to expect and how to recover fully. 

What Is A Tooth Crown?

If a patient had a dental problem that requires tooth extract sometime soon, he or she could expect restoration of teeth. With the benefits of using dental implants, people can have perfectly straight teeth. What makes this treatment a reliable option for patients? Through a tooth crown, it connects the dental implant to the bone for a sturdy and encases the damaged teeth. Tooth crown materials are usually ceramics, porcelain, metal, resin, or gold. You can ask your dentist on what works best with the structure of your teeth. 

Some Risks Of Dental Implants On A Patient

While dental implants are great for restoring teeth, some risks come with it. Hence, a patient must know when to differentiate normal swelling from severe ones. Other symptoms such as headache, nausea, or dizziness are alarming as well. What are some other risks of having dental implants?


Allergy is one of those concerns of a patient with the kind of metal used with dental implants. Although allergy is not common for a side-effect, it is still possible. Allergy reactions may happen from the corrosion of the dental implant material, or the natural response of the immune system. No matter what the reason is, it is vital for a person that experiences swelling to get a dental check-up. Hypersensitivity of the gums may cause further toothache. 

Loose Dental Implant

With the patient’s demand for quality dental care, dental implants require thorough training from the dentist’s specialization. Dental implants are custom-fit and go through a lot of examination before the surgery. A patient may experience tooth pain under crown if the dental implant becomes loose. One of the usual causes of this 

Receding Bones

Tooth Pain Under Crown From Dental ImplantsOne of the rare cases that a person may experience is the issue of receding bones. A news article mentions a 52-year old lady that didn’t notice the symptoms of this problem. However, the lady’s dental implant is at risk of causing Peri-implantitis, another rare case for dental concern. Peri-implantitis is an inflammation that happens when the bones recede, and bacterial infection exists in this area. Doctors and dentists are still not sure what is the leading cause of this inflammatory disease. 

Visit Your Doctor If Your Dental Implant Needs Repair

You may want to revisit your doctor to check the dental implant’s condition. Infection can become worse and may lead to other periodontal diseases. Have your doctor change the dental implant material and the crown itself. Additionally, recheck the recovery methods that you were doing after the first surgery. It is crucial to remember all the signs of the pain to single out a dental disease. A patient can have his or her life at risk if this issue is continually neglected. 

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