Facts About Gum Contouring Surgery

Oct 30

Facts About Gum Contouring Surgery

Dental care is all about helping your teeth, gums, and mouth have their health to the fullest. Sadly, there can still be times where your gums will still have some problems such as bleeding, tooth moving, and bad breath. Uneven gums are also part of this major concern for most people. The good news about dental technology is the invention of gum contouring surgery. It may be the solution to your impending gum problems. Doctors often refer to gum contouring as a major surgery so you should have longer preparations for it. If you are curious about how this treatment can help rejuvenate your gums, read along and you’ll be sure to get the best facts for it.

Why Do I Need Gum Contouring?

Some people are born with uneven gums and may not be happy about their appearance and uncomfortable fit in the mouth. Gum contouring surgery, it will help correct the gums with the teeth and align them properly. Its process is usually considered a cosmetic procedure for dental health. However, some doctors may prescribe this process when they see that there are gum recessions, loss of that gummy smile, or re-growing damaged bones or tissues. Gingivitis is usually a major problem that can cause gum redness, swelling or plaque, and tartar buildup. Periodontitis is, even more, a severe case of gingivitis and can even cause oral infections, cancer growth, or inflammation that destroys not just your gums but your bones as well. All of these diseases can be helped by the surgery and it should be an immediate concern for you. Reversing this through gum contouring will be beneficial for your future oral hygiene.

When To Get This Procedure

gum contouring surgery

Gum contouring surgery is often given to patients with birth defects on the gum area, as well as other gum diseases such as gingivitis, gum injury, tooth decay, or even bacterial infections. If you are just looking to fix your personal appearance with your gums, then it is also applicable to you. There are also parts of the mouth that can be fixed with gum contouring such as your crooked teeth, jaw bone restructures, tooth crowning, or other aging issues that may affect the status of your gums. Ask your dentist if you are already advised to undergo such a procedure. He or she may refer you to a guaranteed cosmetic surgeon to check what are the possibilities of having one. It is important to still maintain your oral hygiene and personal wellness even before thinking of having this important surgery.

Preparing for Your Surgery

Your dentist will usually give you physical examinations on your mouth such as X-rays to visually show you what needs to be fixed. Steps will also include laser or scalpel tools to cut away pieces of gum tissue to either fix or even the shape of your gums. Your recovery after the surgery is also immediate. The doctor may advise you to take certain medicines and instructions on how to heal your gum wounds and scars quickly.

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