Can you go to the emergency room for tooth pain?

Sep 19

Can you go to the emergency room for tooth pain?

Toothache is the most painful experience of all time. It gives trauma to your facial muscles and unbearable pain all around that area. In case of an emergency related to the tooth you somewhere doubt that can you go to the emergency room for tooth pain or not. Because in most of the places it is illegal and unprofessional for anyone other than the dentist to perform dentistry such as filling a cavity, pulling out a tooth etc.

You should start taking care of your dental hygiene and start taking it seriously by using brush and floss both for food fragments stuck between your teeth. Do not ignore anything It might turn into a major infection If you keep ignoring these small regular efforts. Sometimes the toothache is temporary but within a week or months It can come back. So it is advised not to ignore it Can you go to the emergency room for tooth pain?everytime as if it’s temporary or won’t return back. It can be a big mistake to ignore it. Instead of going to the emergency room you should try to resolve the issue on your own first. For example for pain relief you can take aspirin or make an appointment with the doctor the next day. But if the problem persist you should definitely visit the emergency room as soon as possible.

It is advised to visit the emergency room in case you have a broken jaw, severe swelling around the mouth, cuts inside or outside your mouth or your tooth accidentally fall out. They are not going to do much but can give you valuable antibiotics and pain killers for a temporary relief so that you can relax for a while and can visit the professional doctors as soon as possible.

So the question that hits your mind “Can you go to the emergency room for tooth pain”? Is resulted to be a “YES”. Don’t panic just take few steps to resolve the problem and take care.

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