Why Does The Tip Of Nose Hurts When I Smile?

Jan 28

Why Does The Tip Of Nose Hurts When I Smile?

Preparing yourself for the day may include brushing your teeth or cleaning your face. For people keen on their nose appearance, they may trim the hair follicles on their noses. Such practice may lead to issues like the tip of nose hurts extremely at times. Neglecting this symptom may lead to consequences that require a kind of surgery, whether it be a dental or nasal one. You may worry about the expenses of operations as such a kind of risk will take thousands of dollars to pay. Some surgeries like rhinoplasty can be cheaper overseas, but a person wanting to travel should prepare for the trip. Before doing all of these though, you may want to visit a dentist or an ENT specialist to get a check-up for similar symptoms of nasal vestibulitis. 

What Is Nasal Vestibulitis?

If you love picking your nose or trimming it all the time, you may be prone to infection and bacteria. When your nose is irritated, inflammation can start in the vestibule. Our nostrils are next to gums when it comes to sensitivity. That’s why if you’re blowing your nose or just picking it, be sure to have clean hands and paper towels. Don’t force yourself to drain all of the liquid as well. A bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus infects the nose leaving it vulnerable to symptoms of nasal vestibulitis. The tip of nose hurts with painful side-effects. Also, nose piercings are one of the leading causes of nasal vestibulitis. An individual needs to get their piercings from certified artists that have sterilization tools for their craft. 

Symptoms Of Nasal Vestibulitis

It may be hard to smile when the tip of nose hurts like it’s the world on your shoulders. A dentist can tell if your congenital disability like cleft palate or malocclusion bothers the structure of your nose. While it is true that jaws are the most likely target of pain, it is also possible to feel the symptoms of nasal vestibulitis similar to dental problems. You may want to know what are the different symptoms that it entails. However, you can ask your doctor to see the difference and see for yourself the exact cause of these symptoms. tip of nose hurts

  • Redness and Swelling of Nostrils
  • Boils Inside the Nose
  • Pain And Tenderness (Near The Tip of Nose)
  • Scabbing Of Skin Around Nose
  • Oozing and Bleeding In Nose
  • Dry or Cracked Skin of The Nose

Treatments Available 

A person who undergoes a nasal problem like nasal vestibulitis may want to find a doctor specializing in nose surgery. Dermatological procedures can detect early signs of this problem. With the ample amount of information from a previous check-up, a patient may go forward with nose surgery. Rhinoplasty specialists are usually cosmetic or plastic surgeons with additional training for medical or health concerns. Cosmetic surgeons can also repair cleft palate issues that affect the nose. You can find a dentist that may refer you to different specialists for your problem. Avoid risking yourself with infection and disease by calling a doctor as soon as you feel the symptoms of nasal vestibulitis. Otherwise, have a second opinion from another doctor so you won’t waste time getting surgery overseas or from other specialists. 

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