Professional Teeth Whitening Options

May 04

Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Our teeth contribute much to the beauty of our smiles and our general looks. Normally, teeth are meant to be white but they may get stained and discolored due to various factors such as age, poor oral cleanliness and in most cases due to stains from the varieties of food and we drinks we take. To recover the original color of teeth it becomes necessary to seek at home or professional teeth whitening options.

There are various over the counter teeth whitening options available but if you mind your oral health it is vital for you to opt for professional teeth whitening options that are conducted or supervised by a qualified dentist. Here are some of the best professional teeth whitening options that will work best for you.

Tray whitening

Tray whitening is a teeth whitening procedure that is supervised by your dentist. This method involves wearing a tray under the directions of your dentist. The tray is custom made by your dentist for it to fit into your mouth comfortably. The tray holds a teeth whitening gel against your teeth for a specific period of time as directed by your dentist. This method gives results within a period of three weeks and is worn as per your dentist’s instructions.

In-chair whitening

As opposed to other common teeth whitening methods, the in-chair method is an immediate teeth whitening procedure that is conducted by your dentist. This teeth whitening procedure is fast, safe and effective. In over just an hour, you can have your teeth permanently transformed. You may feel some tooth sensitivity after this procedure but it normally wears away after a day or two once the pores of your teeth close. professional teeth whitening options

Toothpaste options

There are special kinds of toothpaste made to seal cracks in teeth so as to prevent tooth staining. These enamel building toothpaste act to seal your enamel which in turn shields your teeth and helps facilitate teeth whitening. Enamel building toothpastes are the best option to use after you have had your teeth whitened so as to prevent recurrence of teeth staining and discoloration.


Maybe you’ve ever looked at somebody and wondered what’s wrong with teeth. Well, what was wrong was that they failed to take the staining of their teeth serious.

For brighter smiles and impressive looks, it’s time you considered professional teeth whitening options or somebody may soon begin to wonder what’s wrong with your teeth.

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