One Day Dental Implants: Are They Better than Traditional Implants?

Sep 05

One Day Dental Implants: Are They Better than Traditional Implants?

For those looking at the prospect of replacing one or more of their teeth, the options can seem daunting. One day dental implants offer a timely, safe solution that often has better results than the traditional method. The procedure is done by a dentist or a dental implant and gum specialist. This consist of crowns placed directly over implants. This is different than the traditional method, in which implants are given a few months to heal before a crown is placed.


The benefits are many in doing this procedure.

The first, and probably the most obvious, is that it takes less time. As the name suggests, they are finished in one day and often require less follow up. This has the benefit of reducing the risks of oral surgery, as only one procedure is involved.

The second benefit is that the crown will often fit much better with the gums, as the gums will often grow around the crown.

In addition, one-day dental implants are often cheaper due to the reduced number of surgeries.


There are some drawbacks, however.

The first is that they have a higher failure rate compared to traditional dental implants. Movement of the implants can cause failure, so the surgeon must be extremely careful. This is why, in order to receive one-day implants, you must have relatively healthy teeth, strong bones, and no smoking habit. These factors can drastically change the chance of implant success and this not everyone is eligible to receive these dental implants.

one day dental implantsMost dentists able to perform traditional implant surgery are also able to perform one-day implant surgery, but not all have the right equipment and thus it is important to talk to your dentist before making a decision. Ultimately, the decision to get one-day implants is between you and your dentist and there are benefits and drawbacks to both. Woden’s trusted dental clinic, Dental Excellence, can help you decide if this procedure is the best one for you. Contact them today by clicking on the link.

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