IVF Twins – Is Conceiving Possible?

Nov 09

IVF Twins – Is Conceiving Possible?

IVF involves the process whereby the egg is fertilized by a sperm outside the womb of a woman. It’s one of the major treatments for infertility when all the other methods regarding the assisted reproductive technologies fail.  The ova or the eggs are removed from the ovary of the woman, and the sperms are allowed to fertilize them in a fluid medium. The zygote or fertilized egg is then carefully transferred to the uterus of the woman with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy.

One of the journeys that a married couple goes through is parenthood. When a woman cannot conceive a baby, she can now go through IVF. IVF is the process that treats infertility. It is a dream of married couples to have a complete and happy family with their children. If you are planning to add a new family member, you can go and have a consultation with IVF Sydney. The cost of IVF Sydney may be high, but it’s worth trying.

Folate intake can increase the possibility of IVF twins. Women who are undergoing the IVF treatment for fertility can have higher chances of having twins if they take a diet rich in folate. If there is more than required folate amount in the diet of the IVF treated pregnant women, then she has increased chances of giving birth to twins. So, in various countries, women who are under the treatment of IVF have specially prescribed a diet that has just the optimum amount of folic acid to reduce the increased possibility of giving birth to twins.

The chances are increased by almost 22 percent per every 100 micrograms of plasma-derived folate intake. The possibility of bearing the IVF twins increase due to the remarkable covariance between the plasma folate along with the folic acid.

Why do people hesitate with IVF?

There’re a lot of couples that are not able to procreate due to some reason or the other. So, the technique of IVF is availed by them in order to expand their families. Although the IVF technology has proven to be a boon to many childless families, there’re a lot of people who hesitate to take the help of IVF in conceiving a child. It’s so because many couples have certain doubts regarding the success of the technology and the adverse after effects it might have on the mother and the baby. Moreover, as the IVF techniques are a little expensive than the other techniques, many couples find it unaffordable. Also, there’re some people who do not avail the technique owing to certain religious and moral beliefs.

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