Does Invisalign Work for Crowded Teeth?

Aug 16

Does Invisalign Work for Crowded Teeth?

Crowded teeth, a type of malocclusion (misaligned teeth) is the condition when your teeth can’t fit in your jaw properly. Some of its causes include narrow jaws, large teeth, thumb sucking, genetics etc. The overcrowding of teeth leads to twisting, overlapping or bunching up of teeth. Some teeth may get pushed outwards or inwards due to this. It’s a common problem and is often overlooked as it appears to be only an aesthetic problem having no damaging effects on oral health. Good thing the disorder is absolutely treatable with the help of orthodontics. And if the thought of wearing metal braces makes you cringe, then wearing clear braces or invisalign can be a good alternative for you. But does invisalign work for crowded teeth? Read on and find out.

Oral Problems Caused by Crowded Teeth

Although the condition of crowded teeth in itself is not dangerous, but if left unattended for long, it can lead to some other serious issues. Apart from spoiling your smile, it’s also known to cause following problems :

  • It makes brushing and flossing difficult.
  • It encourages plaque and tartar buildup leading to increased bacterial infestation.
  • Tooth degeneration.
  • Increased vulnerability to gum disease.

Treatment of Crowded Teeth

There are many options for treating the crowded teeth. If you’re struggling with the choices for treating crowded teeth, you’ve come to the right place. Depending upon the severity and the stage of your condition, the orthodontist will recommend any one or a combination of the following treatments:

  • Tooth extraction.
  • Braces. does invisalign work for crowded teeth
  • Capping, reshaping or bonding.
  • Jaw surgery.
  • Invisalign.
  • Plates or wires for stabilizing the jaw bone.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment.

Invisalign is a comfortable, non-invasive way of straightening the misaligned teeth. It uses removable and clear aligners, custom-made for your teeth utilizing the latest 3D imaging techniques. Each set is to be worn for only 1-2 weeks followed by the other set till the teeth are completely aligned. People often have questions like, “Does Invisalign work for crowded teeth?” Well, surely it does; however, the key to successful Invisalign treatment is early commencement of treatment. The treatment methodology has numerous benefits and some of them are :-

  • Maintenance of Dental Hygiene. As the patient can remove the Invisalign aligners during eating, brushing, flossing etc, high standards of dental hygiene are maintained.
  • Unaffected Aesthetics. The aligners being clear are almost invisible and hence using the Invisalign treatment doesn’t adversely affect your looks during the treatment.
  • Tailor-made Sets. The aligner sets are manufactured to meet your exact requirements, which translates into best possible results.
  • Doesn’t Affect Your Lifestyle. You can continue to live his normal lifestyle as the aligner sets are removable allowing you to eat, play and enjoy normally.

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