Is It A Good Idea To Have Coffee After Tooth Extraction?

Jan 20

Is It A Good Idea To Have Coffee After Tooth Extraction?

Having coffee after tooth extraction may not be a good idea. This article will talk about the food and habits that need to be avoided during the recovery period of a tooth extraction procedure. After the article, please visit DW Kellyville near Glenwood. They share their insights on these types of dental procedures and how to cope with the recovery period.

Recovering from a tooth extraction procedure

While you recover from having your tooth extraction, a person can expect to feel some level of discomfort. After the local anesthesia’s effects have subsided, a common issue many patients complain about during the recovery period is tooth sensitivity.

The surrounding teeth that are near the extraction site may be sensitive after the procedure. The reason for this is because the nerves within these teeth may be inflamed, making them more sensitive than usual. This may cause sensitivity to extreme temperatures.

Is drinking coffee after tooth exaction advisable?

Since some teeth may be affected with tooth sensitivity after the tooth extraction, a person may need to take some precautions to avoid this discomfort. There are some habits and foods that have to be avoided in order to recover most quickly and least painfully after tooth extraction

Coffee is one of the beverages that should be avoided while recovering from an extraction. While coffee itself does not present any harm to the tooth socket that is healing, it is the temperature that a person should be worried about. Coffee can be enjoyed either iced or piping hot. Both of these temperatures can trigger tooth sensitivity and cause pain.

When is it safe to drink coffee again?

Right after the tooth extraction, it will not be safe for you to drink coffee or any other type of beverage that is too hot or cold. To avoid complications and to make way for a speedy recovery, these types of food and drinks should be avoided for at least two weeks following the surgery, or at least until you get the go-signal from your dentist.

A specific set of instructions will be given to you by your dentist right after the tooth extraction procedure. It will contain information about what food you can enjoy while you recover, this will be mostly made up of soft food that is not too hot or too cold, that will promote healing while still providing you with the necessary nutrients your body needs.

The instructions will also indicate that you need to rest well while you recover. And strenuous activities will have to wait until your tooth socket has fully healed to make sure that the blood clot in the socket does not fall out due to unnecessary pressure.

Have you just had a tooth extraction?

If you are still in the recovery phase of your tooth extraction, it is best to leave coffee alone until you completely heal. Following the instructions, your dentist gives you will ensure that your extraction site heals as planned, without any complications or the need for any followup treatment for infections.


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