Braces With Dental Implants

Jun 10

Braces With Dental Implants

A common question relating to dental implants remains whether or not braces with dental implants are adaptable, yet there’s no simple answer. Typically if both dental implants and braces are recommended by your orthodontist, braces would be issued to the patient first, considering implants cannot be adjusted afterwards. Implants are fixed to the jaw and don’t allow for any realignment due to the lack of ligaments. In most scenarios the patient will usually require braces initially in order to allow the teeth to move, creating ample space for the implant itself. When desiring dental implants after braces, it’s important to alert the orthodontist beforehand so he/she can develop a plan in which prepares the spacing, movement process, etc. for the implants.

When implants are requested first by an orthodontist, a key note to remember is that with the aging process teeth may begin to overcrowd, leaving the implant to look out of place, despite remaining properly aligned; with this¬† occurrence, the patient can choose to either forfeit a beautiful smile or have the implants removed. If the implants are removed, the dental braces are then placed for proper alignment, then have the replacement implant introduced. There are cases in which the implant can be placed first; for this to occur, the areas around the implant location aren’t targeted for actual orthodontic treatment and rather, another area is the actual concern. braces with dental implants

Implants can also be placed before braces when they’re needed to serve as a reinforcement in order to provide the braces with the support needed to properly align the teeth. A form of this would be TADs (temporary anchorage devices). TADs are small titanium anchors placed In the patients mouth in order to benefit efficient and quick tooth movement.

Within a final analysis on a treatment plan for patients looking for braces with dental implants, the orthodontist and oral surgeon should formulate together to appropriately decide how to handle the specific case.

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