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The IFPA New Investigator (NI) Commettee is comprised of passionate new investigators in the field of placental research with representatives from the multiple continents of IFPA membership.

The main objectives of the NI committee are to improve the integration of NI into IFPA activities and to facilitate communication between and support for NIs. Our goals are to:
1. Have a representative of the NI committee attend the IFPA executive board meeting and voice the views of the New Investigators.
2. Maintain communication between conferences
3. Identify the needs and innovative ideas of the NIs and relay this information to the IFPA executive board.
4. Maintain the NI webpage linked to the IFPA website.
5. Provide forums and social events for NIs within the annual meetings


Committee Members:

Helen Jones (co-Chair) Cincinnati, USA
Carlos Escudero (co-Chair)
Santiago, Chile
Owen Vaughan Cambridge, UK
Karen Forbes Manchester, UK
Francesca Colleoni Milan, Italy
Nele Geusens Belgium
Eiko Yamamoto Nagoya city, Japan
Akitoshi Nakashima Toyama, Japan
Monique Rennie Toronto, Canada
Sascha Drewlo Toronto, Canada
Julienne Rutherford Chicago, USA
Jose Luis Vega Pizarro Santiago, Chile
Indira Chiarello Venezuela
Alicia Damiano Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carlos Eduardo Ambrosio Brazil
Gayathri Rajaraman Australia

Benefits for New Investigators:
- E-Invitation to attend the Annual IFPA Conference
- Subsidised conference registration fees
- Eligibility for generous New Investigator Conference Travel Grants
- Eligibility for prestigious IFPA New Investigator Awards
- e-mail access to the Placenta Journal (via email alerts and pubmed)
- Keeping up-to-date with the IFPA newsletter
- Meeting others in the international placental research community
- Looks great on your CV

2011 IFPA Conference