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FNPS Aug 9-12, 2015 Vancouver Canada

IFPA Sep 8-11, 2015 Brisbane, Australia




July 12-17, 2015
Human Placenta Workshop
Kingston, ON, Canada






International Federation of Placenta Associations

IWelcome to the International Federation of Placenta Associations (IFPA). We are an international group of clinical and basic scientists carrying out research into placental structure, function and the involvement of the placenta in human pregnancy pathologies.

We range from molecular biologists to maternal-fetal medicine clinicians focused on this unique and essential organ. Researchers in various different geographic locations have established the regional groups that together form IFPA.

We act as an organizing center for placental research worldwide. IFPA is devoted to supporting and promoting excellence in the field of placental research throughout the world. This website describes the Association, its component groups and some of the news and events related to placental research. You can find out more by exploring this site.

If you have other questions or are interested in joining IFPA, please email us at info@ifpafederation.org




The Official Journal of IFPA is:


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Updated March 4th, 2015